You are currently viewing Event: 2022 Monterey Bay Drone Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) Symposium: “Innovation Workforce: Ready to Fly!”

Event: 2022 Monterey Bay Drone Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) Symposium: “Innovation Workforce: Ready to Fly!”

Contact: Jen Simon

For release Oct. 18, 2022.

3rd Annual Monterey DART Symposium is Ready to Fly!

Monterey Bay Drone Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) will hold their 2022 DART Symposium at the University Center of California State University’s Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus, Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2022. The Symposium will feature two days of compelling panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

This year’s theme, “Innovation Workforce: Ready to Fly!”, focuses on the economic development opportunities and challenges of expanding the DART innovation ecosystem on the Central Coast. The Symposium will examine how Monterey’s unique community and geographical assets are being leveraged to the advantage of our community and the future of the DART-related industries. 

Keynotes for the 2-day symposium include: Dean Donovan, Managing Director, Diamond Stream Partners, an active aviation focused VC firm; Tony Tavares, Director, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans); Bonny Simi, Head of Air Operations and People, Joby Aviation; and Don Howard, CEO, James Irvine Foundation. 

While networking with these industry, agency and philanthropic leaders, attendees will participate in speaker panel sessions and discussions with experts, entrepreneurs, educators, and policymakers regarding the latest developments in mobility, airspace management, carbon-neutral power, and other current sustainable infrastructure topics.

Space is limited so RSVP now to attend the 2022 DART Symposium. Attendees receive access to Early Bird discounted tickets by purchasing tickets by Oct 30. You also have a chance to join our DART community as a member at a discounted rate when you register for the symposium this year.

“This year’s symposium program features many local and national leaders in DART-related industries, workforce training arenas and philanthropy.  I am very excited about this program because the two-day event will allow our participants to engage with with national and local influencers to identify new partnership, education and investment opportunities and exchange ideas with community based organizations and policy makers about shaping a more inclusive economy.”, said Monterey DART Executive Director and Cofounder Josh Metz.


The Monterey Bay Drone Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) initiative is a regional coordination and advancement forum, founded in 2018, bringing together industry, government, academia, and practitioners to align resources and activities to realize economic and community development benefits. Monterey Bay DART seeks to inspire young entrepreneurial minds, increase employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth to develop a diverse and inclusive tech community in the Monterey Bay area.

For more information, please visit the Monterey Bay DART website at ‪

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