Volume 22 | October 2021

Tuesday, October 12 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - Online

Startup Monterey Bay Connect is the place to go to meet aspiring entrepreneurs, get news about what’s happening with local startups, get help, and get inspired! All are welcome to attend this free online event.

Join us for October’s virtual meeting and get a preview of the Monterey Bay DART SymposiumThe theme will be Drones, Automation, and Robotics Technologies. Speakers include Dan Coughlin of Joby Aviation, Corey Garza of California State University, Monterey Bay, Chris Bley of Airspace Integration, Andrea Pesce of UCSC, Ray Buettner of the Naval Postgraduate School, and Josh Metz of Monterey Bay DART!

If you would like to view past meeting recordings, click here to view them on demand.


Startup Investment & Community Capital Expo 2021 Attracts Regional Entrepreneurs and Investors

The fifth annual Startup Investment & Community Capital (SICC) Expo was held on Thursday, September 23, 2021. The SICC Expo is the Monterey Bay region’s premier startup investment conference, providing viewers with a unique opportunity to watch startups pitch, exhibit, and network with top-tier investors, regional banks, and alternative sources of funding 

This year’s SICC Expo attracted over 235 entrepreneurs and investors who participated in the day-long series of company presentations and discussion panels. In addition to these speakers and panelists, 16 innovative companies pitched their businesses to panels of 15 investors. The SICC Expo provided businesses, investors, and the larger Monterey Bay business community a forum for pathways to funding local and regional startup business projects

California State University, Monterey Bay’s College of Business Dean Dr. Marylou Shockley said “This year’s SICC Expo attracted participants from around the world to pitch their ideas, and provided investors an opportunity to learn about opportunities to invest in new ventures. Participants included venture capitalists, women, and people of color seeking to grow their business ideas.”

The SICC Expo is a collaboration between the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at CSUMB, the startup investment community, and Slow Money Monterey. (Due to COVID-19, this year marks the second time the Expo has been held online). 

Our Startup Monterey Bay community is welcome to view session recordings and explore the virtual expo hall below (Log in/Registration is required for access).

Monterey Bay DART Symposium - Oct. 19-21, 2021

Join us online and in-person for the 2021 Monterey Bay DART Symposium. Experience industry insight panels, presentations, networking, and demonstrations of exciting new-age technologies in globally expanding markets.


This year’s Symposium is being created in partnership with UC Santa CruzMonterey Bay Education Science & Technology (UC MBEST) CenterCalifornia State University, Monterey BayNavalx Central Coast Tech BridgeJoby AviationStartup Monterey BaySanta Cruz Works, and Airspace Integration.

Interview: What do Gear Shifts and HVAC Have in Common?

While hospital ventilation and cycling may not seem like a natural pairing, Devin Carlson knows otherwise.

Fresh from the 2021 Startup Investment and Community Capital Expo (SICC), AirSet Co-Founder Devin Carlson is also one of the co-founders of Archer Components, home of the fully programmable DX1 bike gear shifter.

Carlson and his close friend and co-founder Brandon Archer pitched Archer Components at Startup Challenge 2017, placing second in the competition. Four years later, they have developed Airset, a pitched programmable HVAC system for medical settings, which could be a game-changer in COVID times.

So what do Archer Components and Airset have in common?

“At the core, it’s micro-robotics,” said Carlson. “Whether it’s for HVAC, or AgTech, or bikes, or medical tech, it’s really about controlling this servo based on these inputs, harvesting that data, and displaying it in a meaningful way.” 

Essentially, a servo is a motor-driven system with a built-in feedback element. Servos are used in heavy machinery, power steering in vehicles, robotics, and numerous electronic devices. 

We sat down with Carlson to learn about his path from teacher to entrepreneur, his experiences at Startup Challenge and the SICC Expo, and his company’s products that can help simplify processes for a safer and more efficient future.

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