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Z Hacks 2020 – The First Hackathon for Everyone! 

September 19-25, 2020 – Online

This year, Startup Monterey Bay is partnering with Santa Cruz Works to bring you Z Hacks 2020.


Develop technology to solve important problems and create new possibilities!

Until now, you needed to be a coder to participate in a hackathon.  To code, you needed the benefit of a good education.  You needed to be able to afford a computer, software, and broadband. And you needed a passion for coding.

Not anymore.   


At Z HACKS, your project entry can be code, OR any form of ART: a dance, a song, a poem, artwork, a short story, a sculpture, just about anything. Why? Because you care about inclusivity.  



This event is open to anyone who attended school in 2019, or will attend in 2020-21. Schools can include public, private, online, full time or part time. Physical prizes to US only. Coders and Artists are welcome. As per our Code of Conduct, there is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, economic status, veteran status, disability, or age. Anyone younger than 16 will be required to submit the Parental Consent Agreement. 

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