Devin Carlson Talks Airset, Archer Components & Networking

Devin Carlson is no stranger to Startup Monterey Bay. 

Carlson and close friend and co-founder Brandon Archer pitched Archer Components at Startup Challenge 2017, placing second in the competition. Four years later they developed Airset, a programmable HVAC system for medical settings, which they pitched at Startup Investment & Community Capital Expo (SICC) in September 2021. He also regularly attends monthly Startup Monterey Bay Connect meetings.

“Through iiED really it’s been all about networking,” said Carlson. “Of course the prize at the Startup Challenge was cash, and we like cash, but we have also just learned so many new names and faces. We’ve been exposed to so many new potential investors and other collaborators. The office we’re in right here right now came through a connection through the Startup Challenge a few years ago. We’ve had opportunities through iiED to grow both businesses and really push them forward.”

We sat down with Carlson to talk about his work with Archer Components and Airset, and learn how Startup Monterey Bay has supported his company’s development. To learn even more about Devin Carlson, Airset and Archer Components, please see our recent article “What do Gear Shifts and HVAC Have in Common?

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