An Artist’s Mission of Positivity

Crafting Radiance at Chezza Jewelry

 Olivia Sanchez, the visionary and founder behind Chezza Jewelry, shared her inspiring story and insights into her entrepreneurial adventure. Chezza Jewelry intertwines creativity, positivity, and the pursuit of mental well-being. Olivia’s vision for Chezza Jewelry is fueled by her commitment to spreading positivity. Olivia shares with a gentle air, “Chezza jewelry is a handmade romantic and dainty jewelry brand made to spotlight your radiance. A huge part of my brand is that I’m on a mission to spread positive self-talk and mental health awareness.” Spoken like a true visionary artist.

Each piece at Chezza Jewelry is a testament to Olivia’s mission of promoting self-care and inner radiance. Olivia’s mission to promote positive self-talk and mental health awareness echoes through every handmade piece. Crafted with 14-carat gold-filled or sterling silver,  adorned with freshwater pearls, baroque Tahitians, and semi-precious stones, Chezza Jewelry aims to remind wearers of their inner radiance. Chezza Jewelry isn’t just about beautiful adornments; it’s a manifestation of independence, personal growth, and self-care.

Olivia’s victory a pivotal moment 

Olivia’s journey from a marketing job to the world of jewelry design embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship fostered by the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development(iiED) at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Olivia’s journey surged when she triumphed in the 2023 Startup Challenge Monterey Bay, Main Street Division. Winning $5,000 on April 28, 2023 igniting her entrepreneurial drive. Her path to competition success came amidst February and March storms that challenged her outdoor market-based business leading to low income margins. Feeling discouraged and wondering what to do, Olivia shared her thoughts during this pivotal time, ” I was starting to doubt myself and doubt my business. But then I saw more posts from iiED about the competition, and I actually came across one of the 2022 winner of this competition at a farmers market, and she had told me that she had been a part of this competition and won it. I followed you guys on Instagram, and I just kept it in the back of my mind as like, Oh, this could be something great that I could apply for, and just like to be more involved in the community and connect with other entrepreneurs. Even if nothing comes out of it, and I don’t win anything at least I would get that experience I was like, you know what, I think I need to apply for this competition”!!!

Mentors Matter 

The mentorship and Launchpad meetings provided by iiED was instrumental in refining her business strategies, culminating in a well-deserved victory. Olivia was paired with a mentor from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) who guided her eloquently and professionally to success by helping Olivia focus and improve upon the requirements to win the Startup Challenge. Olivia shines a light on her great experience, “the mentor was able to give me some great pointers on my competition slide presentation, and also creating the slide deck itself, for the competition was helpful to gain some clarity, and the time to do a deep dive into my business.” Her win amplified her belief in her craft and its potential to flourish. Olivia explains, “I’m almost there, which is just awesome! So I definitely couldn’t have done it without the support from this competition.”

Looking Ahead with the iiED Connection and Growth 

Olivia’s experience illustrates how iiED fosters a nurturing community, echoing its mission of preparing aspiring entrepreneurs for success. The impact of the Startup Challenge resonated through her business’s growth and achievements. Olivia’s success post-competition saw remarkable milestones, with her most successful months aligning with her dedication and the impact of the Startup Challenge. As she continues to thrive,

Olivia exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship supported by institutions like iiED. 

Startup Launchpad, with its engaging monthly meetings and collaborations with fellow entrepreneurs, keeps Olivia energized on her mission. Olivia provides clarity, “I like hammering down and connecting with people on that level. So it helped me gain clarity on the mission that I was on. So that was really good, too”. 

These connections proved invaluable in sustaining Chezza Jewelry’s growth. Olivia’s experience illustrates how iiED fosters a nurturing community, echoing its mission of preparing aspiring entrepreneurs for success.

A Glimpse into Chezza Jewelry’s Success 


You can find Chezza Jewelry at the following stores and markets: 

  • Head Over Heels in Salinas – Find Chezza Jewelry’s earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces at this downtown fashion lounge. 
  • Lucky Cat Provisions in Hawaii – Discover Pearl Chezza Bracelets and more accessories in this curated Napili shop. 
  • Carmel Home Collection in Carmel by the Sea – Explore luxury coastal accessories and furnishings, including Chezza Jewelry’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 
  • Rootstock Collective in Santa Cruz – Shop for Chezza rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and bracelets among locally crafted goods at Pleasure Point.
  • Tejido Collective in Carmel By the Sea – Discover Chezza Jewelry’s necklaces and earrings in this store dedicated to sustainable and artisan goods. 
  • Franklin Street Collaborative in Monterey – Explore this multi-purpose store hosting local maker pop-ups and find Chezza Jewelry’s gold-filled pendant necklaces.
  •  Soiled Doves Bathhouse in Carmel By the Sea – Get custom Chezza Jewelry pendant necklaces along with lotions, candles, and beauty products at this charming Dolores St. store.


Carmel Valley Farmers Market – Visit Chezza Jewelry’s booth every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm to explore local makers’ products, food, vegetables, fruit, and flowers in Carmel Valley. 

Old Monterey Farmers Market – Find Chezza Jewelry’s booth on Alvarado Street every Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm, offering local goods and food right in front of the crepe shop. 

Winter Market at the CSUMB OSU– December 7, 2023 Share the holiday spirit of giving at Chezza Jewelry’s booth and give a special one with a beautiful experience artistically designed to bring a ray of light. Partake of free prizes, visit the hot chocolate booth, other good foodie vendors, live music, and other local vendors, students, and faculty. A perfect start of the holiday season.

As she continues to thrive, Olivia exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship supported by institutions like iiED. Collaborating with another startup competitor and expanding their reach while supporting each other has provided additional successes on Olivia Sanchez’s journey with Chezza Jewelry encapsulating the essence of iiED’s commitment—to empower entrepreneurs, foster inclusivity, and drive economic prosperity across the Monterey Bay region. Olivia expands, “It’s just nice to have that community and people to ask for advice. Honestly. Being an entrepreneur can be quite isolating”. Her dedication to spreading positivity through her artistry sets an inspiring precedent for aspiring entrepreneurs within and beyond the CSUMB ecosystem. 

To explore Chezza Jewelry’s holiday bundles and support Olivia’s creative journey, visit Chezza Jewelry’s website. 

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives with the support of iiED and the vibrant community it nurtures. Note: Excerpts from Olivia’s interview and her insights from the Chezza Jewelry website have been woven into this feature to highlight her entrepreneurial journey and the support provided by iiED.

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