Joby Aviation receives first airworthiness approval from U.S. military for electric VTOL aircraft

Joby Aviation’s four-passenger prototype has been awarded the first airworthiness approval by the U.S. Air Force of an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Beta Technologies is close behind, expected to receive a similar approval in the first quarter of next year and begin flying missions for the military.

  • Initial airworthiness approval is not a Department of Defense certification for the aircraft, which Agility Prime officials hope to award to at least one eVTOL aircraft by 2023
  • It will allow an aircraft to begin flying some missions for the U.S. military, which two of those flying partners, California-based Joby Aviation and Vermont-based Beta Technologies, plan to do next year.
  • Agility Prime program seeks to smooth the path of leading aircraft developers to certification and deployment, leveraging the considerable resources of the Air Force to do so.

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