Parallel Flight Joins Avanta Studios

Parallel Flight Technologies - Drone

Parallel Flight Technologies (PFT) has been invited to join Avanta Studios, an accelerator for startup companies with innovative ideas in the InsurTech, Mobility, and Insurance-Adjacent markets. The Avanta Studios program enables startups to partner with Avanta Ventures and CSAA Insurance Group to jointly explore new markets, business models, and technologies.

As part of Avanta Studios’ Insurance-Adjacent sector, Parallel Flight Technologies will receive customized support from a network of industry experts to help grow and scale our business.

Parallel Flight was invited to join Avanta Studios because of their insurance and risk management related applications.

Their heavy-lift drone platform can be used to support wildland firefighters, reducing the overall destruction of a wildfire, and helping to save homes in the fire zone. This makes Parallel Flight’s technology valuable to the home insurance industry, as it could help prevent further losses after a wildfire. Through the Avanta Studios network, Parallel Flight will be able to work directly with leaders in the insurance space to develop customized solutions and further grow our customer base. The program will also engage Parallel Flight Technologies with institutional investors such as Avanta Ventures.

Parallel Flight Technologies is on the cusp of commercialization, with plans to deliver drones to their first customers in 2021. You can help accelerate their growth and own a stake in PFT by investing in their Regulation A+ Campaign, now live on StartEngine.

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